by Cara Strickland

It was my first time sleeping away from home. I was nervous, but excited. I had heard stories about camp and expected it to be a wonderful bonding experience.

I knew one other girl and I put her down as my cabin-mate preference. That’s how I ended up in a cabin with a bunch of girls who went to school together during the year.

Camp Elohim

by Julie Riddle

When I was seven, my family moved to northwest Montana, near the town of Troy, where my parents had bought property and began building a log house. A few years later, I accepted Christ as my savior during Vacation Bible School. My parents were led to Christ by the pastor of Trinity Christian Church, who also ran Camp Elohim. (My citified grandparents, when they learned of the conversion, feared my parents had been sucked into some backwoods cult.)

Camp Elohim sits at the foot of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness and is a ministry of the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission: “dedicated to making Christ known in the ‘little places’ of our land.” I attended the weeklong junior high camp when I was thirteen, and senior high camp the next summer, along with several dozen kids; most were familiar schoolmates, some were strangers from distant towns.

Goddess Great

by Harmony Button

My one and only experience with church camp was on a sleep-away youth group retreat. The camp was in the Adirondacks, at the edge of a lake. I was new to youth group, having aced my way through confirmation class on brain power (and a tendency to make up sacrilegious songs to remember the books of the bible: The dude in Deuteronomy named Joshua Judge… Is Ruth the first for Samuel or is there another…).

I was thirteen years old and went to hippie school where nobody made fun of me for not wearing a bra or blue jeans. The other girls in my cabin at church camp, however, were all from the local junior high.