How To Pack For Church Camp is an online anthology of creative nonfiction about summer camp. Were you envious of your friend at a Lutheran church camp who had a dance, while your camp forbade the use of boomboxes save for worship? Did you have a moment of clarity while cooking over a fire or making a lanyard? We want to know. Our aim is to gather these camp stories, to appreciate the vulnerability and self-discovery that happens to us when we’re with our peers, in the out of doors, at tender ages.

Although we have a fondness for church camp stories, the work need not be about a Christian or other religiously affiliated program. We’re much less interested in the devotional or didactic, and hungry for what surprises us, hits us in the gut, makes us think. The stories can be uplifting, bawdy, itchy, touching, melancholy. They just need to have happened to you.

Submissions must be the author’s original work. We will consider previously published material so long as the author informs us of the work’s history and retains the rights.

Use the “submit” tab to send us your story. Questions? Contact us at howtopackforchurchcamp@gmail.com



Nicole Sheets is an assistant professor of English at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. In her youth, Sheets attended Camp Jerri, named in memory of a young woman whose portrait hung in the cafeteria/auditorium. In high school she attended Camp Caleb, in Flat Gap, Kentucky, where she preferred Bible Bowl trivia to kickball. Sheets is also the web editor for Rock & Sling.


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